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The 10th Circle

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Agony and Temptation
Oct 2020 Bestiarum

Greater Demons

Domina 138mm
Demon Prince 135mm
Face shifter 80mm
Mistress 61mm

Domina - The strongest demoness. The leader of the army. Bringing death, destruction and suffering is her true delight

Demon Prince - One of the high lords he is the living representation of pure narcissism.

Face shifter - a beloved dancer of the lord. Her dance what mixes suffering and eternal pleasures. Seduce with her hypnotic dance the unfortunate soul is ready to sacrifice everything for only one touch.

Mistress - Massive and merciless abomination. Abused with the idea of domination she terrifies with her whips of flesh lesser demons

Perfect models for your RPGs (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder), Reign in Hell, Frostgrave, Ragnarok, Warhammer, and many other tabletop miniature skirmish type games. Horrific and terrifying demons, devils, undead, and more to unleash upon your tabletop gaming.

This miniature is 3D printed using grey ABS-Like Fast Curing Non-Brittle 3D Printing Resin with high quality 4K detail, cured, and washed completely with isopropyl alcohol. Models will be printed in a standard 32mm scale, but custom sized models are available by request. Some assembly my be required for some models. Standard Super Glue works great with resin prints.

I provide best effort and precise care in removing supports from each printed miniature, however some additional refinement may be necessary in removing any remaining small bumps or filling slight divots that occur from supports during printing. Most bumps are easily removed by using a hobby knife, jewelry file, or fine-grit sandpaper.

I would love to see your finished paintjobs. Leave a review and post your work! Cheers


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